Email Marketing Sequences and Automations


This is the sequence of three emails we use for Simply Downsized, to follow up after a presentation at a community.


I enjoyed meeting you! 

Thank you so much for attending my “Downsizing – Do’s and Don’ts” presentation at The Landing! It’s such a beautiful community and everyone has been so friendly there.

One of my favorite things about doing these presentations is the opportunity to share downsizing tips with you. If there’s one key take-away, I urge you to remember to focus on what you’ll be keeping during your downsizing journey, and be open to compromise on the things that may not make the transition. 

Here are a couple of my favorite blog posts for people who are just starting the downsizing process:

The Rowboat Rules for Downsizing

Many of our downsizing clients are faced with emptying large homes filled to the brim, and many of them need to reduce their belongings by 80% or more!  This “rowboat” analogy may help you get your priorities into perspective. 

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 The ABCs of Photo Organizing

So many people struggle to get their photos, slides and videos organized and digitized before they move. Here are some pro tips to help you approach your photo organizing project with confidence.

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Don’t forget that I offer a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation! I can save you time and simplify the entire downsizing experience for you. My “Walk Away” process, combined with my Realtor referral program provides the most affordable and stress-free downsizing options in the DC area.

 Once again, thank you for joining me at the presentation, and please feel free to contact me anytime should you have any questions or require further assistance. Together, we can make your downsizing experience a seamless and rewarding one!


More Downsizing Tips!

 I think I mentioned that there are some things I don’t recommend moving.  Here’s that detailed list, as promised:


Don’t Waste Money Moving These Six Things

Once you factor in the distance of your move and the size of the boxes required to pack them, there are some things you may not want to bring on your downsizing move. 

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Now, for a discount!

As I mentioned in my presentation last week, I offer an in-home consultation to go over your plans, look at your “stuff” and discuss your specific goals and challenges.  When you’re ready to take the next step towards downsizing, I would be glad to offer your in-home consultation for a discounted $200 (instead of the usual $300). 


After our consultation, I’ll deliver tailored recommendations to address your specific needs, budget, and timeline. Additionally, I’ll provide you with the names and contact information of reputable local resources that I recommend for your specific situation.

I want to make your downsizing experience go as smoothly as possible! You can use the button below to schedule a phone call to discuss your plans and find a good time to meet.


Ready When(ever) You Are… 

The first step in any downsizing project is to DECIDE to make a move!  I’m a firm believer in doing what feels comfortable and right for each individual! Your downsizing journey is personal and unique, and I’m here to support you whenever you’re ready.


With that being said, if you have friends or family members who could benefit from my approach, I hope you’ll let them know about my services. 

We Offer the Best Downsizing Support In Town!

Some people are surprised to learn that they can keep the items they cherish and leave everything else to me, knowing that their belongings and their home will be in good hands. Even better, they can get my services at no additional cost when they hire a real estate pro I have referred to them.

 I’m happy to extend the same $100 discount on the Custom Planning Session I offered you to your friends and family too. 

I love helping people downsize, and I’m committed to making this process a positive one for everyone involved. If you ever have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to reach out to me directly. 

Wishing you all the best on your downsizing adventures!