whats it worth hummel figurines

What’s It Worth: Value of Hummels

We see lots of Hummel figurines in our downsizing business!  With so many different editions spanning over 75 years, there are endless combinations of collections that have been lovingly gathered and displayed in homes across the world.  But as interest in collecting as a hobby wanes, so does the value of collectibles that would have brought hundreds of not thousands of dollars in the past.  Here’s a review of how these adorable figures came about,

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whats it worth swarovski crystal figurines

What’s It Worth: Swarovski Crystal Figurines

Do you or someone you know collect these charming and sparkly figures? Swarovski crystal figurines have delighted collectors since they were first released in 1976. Crafted from fine glass crystal, these showpieces are cut using advanced techniques to create dazzling prisms. These charming decor pieces have been a highly sought-after collectible item for decades, and they continue to be popular in 2023. What’s It Worth: Swarovski Crystal Figurines The value of Swarovski crystal figurines depends

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whats it worth coins

What’s It Worth: Coins and Value of Coin Collections

Almost everyone holds onto certain coins for one reason or another.  Whether you are saving a handful of foreign currency or sentimental coins, or if you are in possession of an elaborate collection, you may be wondering if your coins have value in the secondary market.  We asked collectable and coin specialist Charles Tinsley about coin collecting in general, and the value of coin collections in 2022 in particular. What’s It Worth: Coins and Value

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Beanie Babies 2023 Values

Beanie Babies 2023 Values

What’s it Worth: Beanie Babies Do you remember the Beanie Baby craze?  When Beanie Babies were first introduced in the mid-1990s, they were  marketed as cute, affordable, and highly collectible toys. They were incredibly popular with both children and adults, and many people began collecting them as a hobby.  For some, they even became an obsession! Ty Warner, the company that created Beanie Babies, created demand by making limited runs of characters.  The resulting scarcity

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madame alexander 2023 values

Madame Alexander 2023 Values

What’s it Worth: Madame Alexander Dolls Do you or someone you love have Madame Alexander dolls?  Whether you are a doll collector or have treasured dolls from your childhood, you may be wondering the about the Madame Alexander 2023 values. Madame Alexander dolls were first created in 1923 by Beatrice Alexander Behrman, who was also known as Madame Alexander. The dolls were made by the Alexander Doll Company, which was founded in New York City

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whats it worth vintage books

What’s It Worth: Vintage Books

We often hear from clients that they want to know the value of their vintage books. Many of you have books that have graced your shelves for 40 or 50 years, or you may have volumes that you have inherited from family members. It’s a common belief that if books are old, then they must be worth a lot of money. While that may be true in some instances, sadly the majority of older books

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whats it worth milk glass

What’s It Worth: Milk Glass

What’s It Worth: Milk Glass Milk glass is a type of opaque or translucent glassware that was popular in the 19th and early 20th centuries, particularly in the United States and Europe. The term “milk glass” originated from its milky appearance, which is achieved by adding opacifiers such as bone ash or tin oxide to the glass during production. This gives the glass its characteristic white or off-white color and opaque quality. While milk glass

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whats it worth department 56

What’s It Worth: Department 56

Department 56 Holiday Collectibles How do you decorate for the holidays? For many, transforming their home with elaborate holiday zeal is a seasonal ritual that lightens the mood and brings joy to the whole household.  There are lots of ways to go crazy on the holiday decorations, but one of our particular favorites is the Christmas village.  These table-top displays tend to grow over the years and can manifest as a full-on miniature town complete

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sell old pocket watches

What’s It Worth: Pocket Watches

Pocket Watches A pocket watch on a chain was a must-have accessory for hundreds of years. The use of pocket watches dates all the way back to the 16th century, but they became very prevalent in the 19th century as the original personal technology device, allowing both men and women to keep appointments and track both personal and business activities. However, soldiers in World War I discovered the convenience of the wrist watch, and it

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spode holiday dishes

What’s It Worth: Spode Holiday Dishes

Spode Holiday Dishes 2023 Values The holiday season is a time for traditions, celebrations, and bringing loved ones together. One tradition that has graced festive tables for centuries is the use of themed dinnerware, and few brands embody the essence of holiday elegance like Spode. The timeless appeal of these special dishes has been passed down through generations, beloved for their classic designs, meticulous craftsmanship, and sense of continuity and nostalgia. Founded in 1770, Spode

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resale value sterling silver

What’s It Worth? Sterling Silver Service

J.C. Grogan Co. Sterling Silver Water Pitcher This charming silver pitcher was submitted by one of our followers in McLean, Virginia. It was a gift from her uncle, an avid collector and lover of antiques in Pennsylvania. It certainly has aesthetic appeal and functionality, but does it have a resale value in today’s marketplace? Chris Lancette of Orion’s Attic says that determining the resale value of sterling silver items is dependent upon who’s buying it,

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stamp collecting 2022

What’s It Worth: Stamp Collections

What’s It Worth: Stamp Collections Are you in the possession of a large stamp collection, either amassed on your own or inherited from others?  With over 400,000 different stamps estimated to be in existence worldwide, possible combinations of stamps are virtually limitless.  Given the small size of each piece of ephemera, individual collections can be massive. One of our recent clients reported a personal inventory of over 19,000 foreign stamps! Whether you are a longtime

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estate art antique rare print value

What’s It Worth? Vintage Prints – Thomas Hart Benton

Thomas Hart Benton, “Approaching Storm”, 1938 Are you lucky enough to own some vintage prints? A precious few know that Thomas Hart Benton (American, 1889-1975) was a notable artist of the 1930s as well as a teacher (Jackson Pollock is one of his most famous students). Our trusted appraiser Sarah Reeder says she often come across vintage prints by Thomas Hart Benton in her appraisal work, and it’s useful for people to know how to

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value of military challenge coins

What’s It Worth: Military Challenge Coins

Military Challenge Coins Do you collect military challenge coins, or are you the steward of someone else’s collection? We frequently see challenge coins among the collectibles and artifacts of military families, and they are also collected by history buffs and military collectors. These collections range from a small handful of meaningful coins to elaborate displays of hundreds of coins, and everything in between. Military Challenge Coins regularly appear for sale at thrift stores, estate sales,

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whats it worth cabbage patch kids

What’s It Worth: Cabbage Patch Kids

Cabbage Patch Kids Dolls, with their distinctive round faces, pudgy cheeks, soft dimpled limbs and yarn-like hair, have captured the hearts of children and collectors alike since their introduction in the 1980s. The creator of these iconic dolls, Xavier Roberts, imagined them being born in a cabbage patch and then adopted by loving families. The adoption idea deeply resonated with a wide range of people, and was reinforced by the ingenious tactic of issuing personalized

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