whats it worth swarovski crystal figurines

What’s It Worth: Swarovski Crystal Figurines

Do you or someone you know collect these charming and sparkly figures? Swarovski crystal figurines have delighted collectors since they were first released in 1976. Crafted from fine glass crystal, these showpieces are cut using advanced techniques to create dazzling prisms. These charming decor pieces have been a highly sought-after collectible item for decades, and they continue to be popular in 2023.

What's It Worth: Swarovski Crystal Figurines

The value of Swarovski crystal figurines depends on several factors, including its rarity, condition, age, and design. Some of the most collectible figures include the Disney collection, Lovlots, and the Crystal Memories line. These pieces are highly sought after by collectors due to their intricate designs and limited production runs.

However, it’s worth noting that the value of Swarovski crystal figures has declined somewhat in recent years. One reason for this is the rise of online marketplaces and auction sites, which has led to an increase in supply and a decrease in demand. Additionally, as the Swarovski company has continued to produce new figurines, some collectors have turned their attention to newer, more contemporary designs rather than older, more classic pieces. Despite these factors, Swarovski crystal figures remain popular among collectors, and their value can still be substantial in 2023.

Determining Value

Today, Swarovski crystal figurines range in value from a few dollars to upwards of six figures. There are several factors that determine the value of Swarovski crystal figurines, including:

  • Rarity – Pieces that were created in limited runs, or were released exclusively in certain countries tend to draw a higher value. Recent launches include The Little Mermaid Limited Edition figurine and Captain Marvel Limited Edition figurine, each produced in a limited run of 200 pieces worldwide and selling for a whopping $18,000 and $10,000 respectively.
  • Condition – The most valuable pieces are those that are in mint condition, with no scratches, chips, or other signs of wear. Older pieces that have been displayed or handled extensively may not be worth as much as those that have been kept in their original packaging.
  • Age – “Retired” pieces especially tend to appreciate over time as they become more difficult to find in good condition.
  • Historical Significance – Some collections were released to commemorate special historical events, such as the Silver Crystal Mouse figurines gifted to competitors in the 1976 Winter Olympics.
  • Popularity – High demand will always garner a higher price, and this is no exception in the world of Swarovski collectibles.

Most Sought-After

  • SCS Annual Editions – Exclusively available to members of the Swarovski Crystal Society, this collection is at the top of the list, as these highly sought-after figurines have been released in limited runs yearly since 1987. They are rare even among members of the SCS, as the privilege of owning one of these pieces is determined by a lottery system.
  • Disney Collection – Well-known characters like Mickey Mouse and Cinderella make up this beloved collection.
  • Lovlots – This whimsical collection is full of cute characters, including favorites like Mo the Cow and the Gang of Dogs.
  • Crystal Memories – This nostalgia-based collection features objects like typewriters and vintage telephones, preserving now obsolete objects in the form of timeless collectibles.

2023 Prices from Online Sales and Auctions

  • A 2015 SCS Annual Edition Peacock Arya figurine sold for $1,100.00
  • Stitch from the Disney Collection sold for $3,600.00
  • Belle from the Disney Collection sold for $2,299.00
  • A damaged limited edition “Iluliac Iceberg” from the Kingdom of Ice and Snow Collection sold for $1,999.95
  • A limited edition Lime Panther sold for $1,995.00, and the Orange Shine Panther sold for $1,531.00 – both from the Soulmates Collection
  • A 1995 SCS Annual Edition Eagle figurine sold for $1,749.99
  • A trio of characters from the Disney Collection – Goofy, Thumper, and Pluto – sold for $450
  • A set of 5 Christmas ornaments from the Crystal Memories collection sold for $160

Advice for Sellers

If you’re interested in collecting Swarovski crystal figures, it’s important to do your research, keep an eye out for rare or limited edition pieces, and take care of your collection to ensure that its value remains high over time. If you plan to sell your collection, be sure to dust, clean, and inspect your collection for damages. Remember that mint condition pieces with their original boxes and paperwork intact will fetch the highest price, and keep exposure to humidity and UV light to a minimum in order to preserve the delicate packaging.


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