Our Collective of Home Transition Professionals

Home Transition Pros is a collective of experienced professionals who specialize in downsizing, estate closeouts and whole-home transitions.  We give you resources to do everything you can do yourself,  and connect you with trusted professionals in your area for everything else.

What We Do

1) We offer free resources, tools, tips and advice to educate you about the Downsizing process.

We hope the resources, tools, tips and advice we provide on this site will help you approach your home transition with confidence.

Start with our free resources that include a daily downsizing tip, detailed plans with checklists, a comprehensive guide, and exclusive advice from the pros.  We offer detailed advice and resources for every step of the process.  Visit our blogs and articles for inspiration, personal stories and solutions to common problems.

2) We connect you with vetted transition experts in your community.

When it’s time to bring in extra hands, we’ll help you connect with vetted professionals in your area.  Local transition team leaders are typically Senior Move Managers, Real Estate Brokers or Agents, or Professional Organizers.  These affiliates are independently-owned businesses that provide services through their own customary fee schedules and practices.

Our strategic network allows us to offer high-quality personalized referrals, knowledge sharing, and scheduling coordination that streamlines the home transition process.

How We Do It

Our strength is in our flexibility to offer highly customized solutions for your particular situation. We actively and continually seek out and cultivate business relationships with qualified and experienced home transition experts throughout the country.  

In addition, our national partnerships give us access to the top talent and niche specialities that provide the best possible experience:

National Association of Senior Move Managers® 

We have priority access to certified Senior Move Managers® throughout the country.  We work closely with NASMM to stay on top of best practices, new technology, and trends in the industry.

National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO)

As an active Business Partner and former member of the Executive Board in the Washington-DC Chapter, we’re on a first-name basis with  Professional Organizers around the country who give hands-on help before, during, and after your home transition.

National Association of Realtors®  (NAR)

We offer real estate consulting and referrals to licensed real estate professionals throughout the country.*  We can connect you with suggested agents for your project, whether it’s a Senior Specialist, a neighborhood expert or a real estate investment group that can facilitate a quick as-is sale.

Vetting and Verification

We prioritize the trustworthiness of our partners. Verified members of the Home Transition Pros Collective submit evidence of professional licensing, credentials and designations, as well as current proof of business insurance.  We also independently verify performance and reliability through professional reference checks and independent research.  

Membership in NAR and Real Estate Referrals are enabled through a brokerage relationship with Keller Williams Metro Center, Arlington Virginia.  Licensed in Virginia.

Home Transition Pros