Check in for Daily Downsizing Tips

Downsizing many years’ worth of belongings in a home can be a major undertaking, especially when you’re busy living your life in that home!  Like most big jobs, the best approach may be to set small goals and make steady progress in manageable pieces. If you want to contribute a small effort each day,  We offer daily downsizing tips to help you move your project along.

Each weekday, we post an idea for a small job that you can accomplish in about fifteen minutes.  If you get inspired and decide to spend a little more time on it, that’s even better! 

Do you love having a little job to do each day? You're not alone!

free downsizing tips

If you’re the type of person who likes to make steady progress on a long-term project, the “little bit every day” approach may work for you. 

Sometimes we find that once we commit to doing something for fifteen minutes, we get into the project and realize that with just another thirty more minutes or so, we will make a lot of progress!  

Our daily downsizing tips are scheduled for every work day, so you can take holidays and weekends off!  When you have the luxury of time in the lead-up to a downsizing move, you can really relax and enjoy the process.  These tips will help you winnow your belongings down so that you’re not moving stuff that you don’t actually need.  Be sure to find a convenient donation collection location, so that you can make regular stops to drop off unwanted items.

Even if you’re not downsizing, some people enjoy the tips just to help them keep their clutter under control. Every little bit counts, and we know you can spare fifteen minutes a day to move forward on your downsizing goals. 

Looking for more inspiration?  See our blog and our exclusive expert articles to learn how the pros approach common downsizing dilemmas.