self storage for downsizing

Self-Storage For Downsizing

Self-storage solutions can be a valuable tool when you’re downsizing. While most professionals agree that storage units or mobile storage should not be a substitute for making deliberate decisions about your belongings, there are many scenarios in which flexible storage can be a real lifesaver. Karen Bodoano is a Senior Move Manager in Edmonton Canada with extensive experience in the storage industry. She’s sharing her insider tips for why, when, and how to best utilize

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handyman jobs you can do yourself

Handyman Projects You Can Do Yourself

Downsizing the family home can be a big job!  Between sorting, packing, dealing with belongings and moving, most people have their hands full even without the additional tasks created by putting their homes on the market! If you’re planning ahead for a downsizing move, you may be able to head off some of the delayed maintenance and projects that are recommended before listing your home.  Of course, most larger jobs are best left to the

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planning to downsize

Planning to Downsize

Most would agree that planning to downsize or facing a major downsizing move can leave you a little stressed out! Plenty of people are overwhelmed by the thought. After all, making a move is stressful enough, plus you may have to reduce your belongings by 80% or more. However, our experience tells us that a good jumping off point can make it easy to get going. What makes it easier to jump off and get

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how to pack like a pro

How To Pack Moving Boxes Like a Pro

Certified Professional Organizer Ginger Willis is an expert at packing moving boxes, and we asked her to teach us how to pack boxes like a Move Manager or Professional Organizer. How To Pack Moving Boxes Like a Pro If you’re approaching a big downsizing project or major move, packing your own moving boxes is probably too big of a job for you to do yourself. But we do see people packing boxes for for smaller

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stamp collecting 2022

What’s It Worth: Stamp Collections

What’s It Worth: Stamp Collections Are you in the possession of a large stamp collection, either amassed on your own or inherited from others?  With over 400,000 different stamps estimated to be in existence worldwide, possible combinations of stamps are virtually limitless. Given the small size of each piece of ephemera, individual collections can be massive. One of our recent clients reported a personal inventory of over 19,000 foreign stamps! Whether you are a longtime

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downsize in six months

Downsize in Six Months

Six months may seem like a long time, but when you are downsizing and moving, the days fly by!  Of course, when necessary, people can accomplish big moves and whole-home clear outs in a matter of weeks.  But for voluntary, scheduled downsizing, we recommend a minimum of six months. Downsizers often need to reduce their belongings by 80% or more in order to fit into their new space. It can be very daunting to stare

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