How To Finance a Retirement Home

How To Finance a Retirement Home Are you thinking of purchasing a retirement home or moving to a continuing care community? There’s a lot to think about, including how you will finance a retirement home. Dealing with decades of belongings and putting a well-loved home on the market is a huge job for many people. And, if you’re committing to a big down payment or buy-in for your retirement home, the logistics can be tricky.

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how to downsize the kitchen

How to Downsize the Kitchen

How to Downsize the Kitchen How do the words “smaller kitchen” make you feel? For some people, the idea of taking more of their meals with friends and substantially cutting back on kitchen duties is an aspect downsizing or community living they look forward to.  For others, the kitchen has been a place of comfort and routine for most of their lives.   Those who enjoy cooking as a rewarding hobby may find it difficult to know

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empty nest syndrome

Five Ways to Cope with an Empty Nest

Visions of the empty nest hold many opportunities for freedom and leisure, but many find that this stage of life can also bring new challenges.  The well-documented (and, in our opinion, unnecessarily ominous-sounding) “empty nest syndrome” speaks to common and natural emotional changes that can affect people at this time of life.     How to Cope with an Empty Nest Face it head-on.  Like other life transitions, every person has their own way of coping

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work with professional photo organizer

How to Work with a Professional Photo Organizer

How to Prepare for Your First Visit with a Professional Photo Organizer For people who struggle with organizing their photos, hiring a professional photo organizer can be a great resource. A photo organizer can provide valuable tips for organizing photos and can give hands on guidance to achieve your final results. But there’s a few things to keep in mind that can save you time and money.  Professional Photo Organizer Jody Al-Saigh of Picture Perfect

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sell old pocket watches

What’s It Worth: Pocket Watches

Pocket Watches A pocket watch on a chain was a must-have accessory for hundreds of years. The use of pocket watches dates all the way back to the 16th century, but they became very prevalent in the 19th century as the original personal technology device, allowing both men and women to keep appointments and track both personal and business activities. However, soldiers in World War I discovered the convenience of the wrist watch, and it

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how to downsize in a hurry

How to Downsize in a Hurry

Making a complicated move from a well-loved (and often stuffed-full!) home requires planning. In our downsizing businesses, we encourage our clients to start as early as two years out to allow ample time to process their belongings and make deliberate decisions about what to do with their stuff. While a lot of people have that kind of time, others find themselves suddenly facing the need to downsize in a hurry. A combination of unexpected life

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