entertaining in a small space

Entertaining in a Small Space

Do you love to entertain? We’ve seen that many would-be downsizers put off their move because they don’t want to give up their ability to throw a big party.  We get it!  You spent years accumulating and storing everything you need to carry off impressive supper clubs, holiday meals, cocktail parties, and backyard BBQs.  But don’t worry! If you truly love to entertain, a smaller residence should not deter you from having people over!  Just

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safety checklist aging parents

Safety Checklist for Your Aging Parents

Seniors often stay in their homes longer than they should.  On your next visit, refer to this safety checklist for aging parents to assess how they’re doing. For those of us with aging parents, it’s a good idea to get a first-hand look at their living conditions and ability to care for themselves.  As you look for signs of compromised health or happiness, keep a discreet eye out for these telltale signs that they may need

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whats it worth department 56

What’s It Worth: Department 56

Department 56 Holiday Collectibles How do you decorate for the holidays? For many, transforming their home with elaborate holiday zeal is a seasonal ritual that lightens the mood and brings joy to the whole household.  There are lots of ways to go crazy on the holiday decorations, but one of our particular favorites is the Christmas village.  These table-top displays tend to grow over the years and can manifest as a full-on miniature town complete

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12 Tips for Downsizing over the Holidays

Are you an empty nester, senior, or retiree who is  thinking about downsizing?  Preparing for the holidays presents a perfect opportunity to identify the items you love the most, share your abundance with others, and clear a path to a fresh start in January. Here are 12 Downsizing tips that can help you get started on your downsizing over the holidays: 1) Reduce Holiday Decorations Decorate indoors and outdoors with your favorite decorations, using the items

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How To Finance a Retirement Home

How To Finance a Retirement Home Are you thinking of purchasing a retirement home or moving to a continuing care community? There’s a lot to think about, including how you will finance a retirement home. Dealing with decades of belongings and putting a well-loved home on the market is a huge job for many people. And, if you’re committing to a big down payment or buy-in for your retirement home, the logistics can be tricky.

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how to downsize the kitchen

How to Downsize the Kitchen

How to Downsize the Kitchen How do the words “smaller kitchen” make you feel? For some people, the idea of taking more of their meals with friends and substantially cutting back on kitchen duties is an aspect downsizing or community living they look forward to.  For others, the kitchen has been a place of comfort and routine for most of their lives.   Those who enjoy cooking as a rewarding hobby may find it difficult to know

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