how to downsize in a hurry

How to Downsize in a Hurry

Making a complicated move from a well-loved (and often stuffed-full!) home requires planning. In our downsizing businesses, we encourage our clients to start as early as two years out to allow ample time to process their belongings and make deliberate decisions about what to do with their stuff. While a lot of people have that kind of time, others find themselves suddenly facing the need to downsize in a hurry. A combination of unexpected life

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value of military challenge coins

What’s It Worth: Military Challenge Coins

Military Challenge Coins Do you collect military challenge coins, or are you the steward of someone else’s collection? We frequently see challenge coins among the collectibles and artifacts of military families, and they are also collected by history buffs and military collectors. These collections range from a small handful of meaningful coins to elaborate displays of hundreds of coins, and everything in between. Military Challenge Coins regularly appear for sale at thrift stores, estate sales,

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whats it worth vintage books

What’s It Worth: Vintage Books

We often hear from clients that they want to know the value of their vintage books. Many of you have books that have graced your shelves for 40 or 50 years, or you may have volumes that you have inherited from family members. It’s a common belief that if books are old, then they must be worth a lot of money. While that may be true in some instances, sadly the majority of older books

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rules for downsizing

The Rowboat Rules for Downsizing

One of the biggest contributors to downsizing overwhelm is all of the decisions that need to be made.  While there are no set rules for downsizing  that apply to every situation, most people will benefit from a strategic approach to the sorting process.  In my mind, the sorting stage of the process has one primary goal that should take precedence over all others: You need to select what is going with you to your next

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make a paperless move

How to Make a Paperless Move

How nice would it be to make a paperless move? Of all the belongings that must be sorted before we move, paper may be the worst. If you’re like most people (over 40 years old, anyway), you’ve dutifully held onto cabinets and boxes full of tax records, receipts, insurance policies, bills, notifications; the list goes on and on. Many professional organizers agree that most people keep paper far longer than they need to, and research

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organizing sentimental items

Organizing Sentimental Items

Professional Organizer Jill Katz shares her perspective on organizing sentimental items.  When organizing with my clients, I always save the sentimental items for last. With my eagle eye, I can spot the box of photos, letters or memorabilia from across the room. I quickly make a beeline for those bins and move them out of the way so my client won’t see it. Why do I do this? Because sentimental items can halt the flow

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