madame alexander 2023 values

Madame Alexander 2023 Values

What’s it Worth: Madame Alexander Dolls Do you or someone you love have Madame Alexander dolls?  Whether you are a doll collector or have treasured dolls from your childhood, you may be wondering the about the Madame Alexander 2023 values. Madame Alexander dolls were first created in 1923 by Beatrice Alexander Behrman, who was also known as Madame Alexander. The dolls were made by the Alexander Doll Company, which was founded in New York City

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don't waste money moving

Don’t Waste Money Moving These Six Things

If you’re paying for a long-distance move, you’ll want to be sure you don’t waste money moving. Once you factor in the distance of your move and the size of the boxes required to pack them, there are some things you may not want to bring on your downsizing move. Don’t Waste Money Moving These Six Things Space is Money! Downsizers quickly realize the value of space, whether it’s the cost of space on a

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five common ways real estate deals fall through

Five Common Ways Real Estate Deals Fall Through

Selling a home can be stressful and uncertain.  That’s why home sellers are often understandably eager to get under contract when a good  offer comes through. However, while a signed contract can be exciting, sellers should also be focused on securing a strong contract that will go all the way to closing, because sometimes real estate deals fall through. Five Common Ways Real Estate Deals Fall Through When the real estate market was red-hot like

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floor planning for downsizers

Floor Planning for Downsizers

If you’re moving to a smaller space (or moving at all, really!), an accurate floor plan of where your furnishings and belongings will go is essential.  In fact, the smaller your next place is, the more important the floor plan becomes.  A plan that you do yourself or one prepared by a professional will save you time, money and headaches when it’s time to make the move: Save money by not moving things that won’t

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Downsize Lightbulbs

Are You Hoarding Lightbulbs?

I know I’m not the only one hoarding incandescent lightbulbs.  I have those little cardboard cartons of Edison style incandescent bulbs tucked into closets, bins and cabinets throughout the house.  I have bulbs of all sizes, including some that don’t even fit fixtures we own!  It must be my inner child of the 70’s; comforted by the golden glow of indoors after dark.  And some hoarding tendencies, but that’s a different post! I remember the

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how do you downsize thanksgiving

How Do You Downsize: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Tips for Downsizers Are you the one who prepares and serves Thanksgiving dinner? For those who love to cook, preparing a large meal can be a rewarding experience. If you entertain on a large scale, or if you USED to prepare big meals even once a year, you probably have some speciality equipment and service ware in your inventory. If you’re downsizing, the holidays can be the perfect time to enjoy your favorite things

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