madame alexander 2023 values

Madame Alexander 2023 Values

What's it Worth: Madame Alexander Dolls

Do you or someone you love have Madame Alexander dolls?  Whether you are a doll collector or have treasured dolls from your childhood, you may be wondering the about the Madame Alexander 2023 values.

Madame Alexander dolls were first created in 1923 by Beatrice Alexander Behrman, who was also known as Madame Alexander. The dolls were made by the Alexander Doll Company, which was founded in New York City in 1923.

Madame Alexander began making dolls as a child, inspired by the dolls she saw in her father’s window display at his doll hospital. After getting married and having children of her own, she started making dolls for her own children and their friends. Her dolls were so popular that she started selling them at local department stores, and eventually opened her own factory to meet the growing demand.

Madame Alexander dolls were initially made from composition material, which is a type of molded sawdust and glue. In the 1950s, the company began using hard plastic for the dolls, which made them more durable and easier to manufacture. Over the years, the company has produced a wide variety of dolls, including baby dolls, fashion dolls, and character dolls based on famous fictional and historical figures.

In the 1960s, Madame Alexander began creating dolls based on popular movies and TV shows, such as “Gone with the Wind,” “The Sound of Music,” and “I Love Lucy.” The company also introduced its popular “Cissette” line of fashion dolls in the 1950s, which featured a slim, elegant body style that was different from the more traditional, fuller-bodied dolls of the time.

For over 75 years, Madame Alexander dolls enjoyed great popularity with collectors all over the world. Some of the most rare Madame Alexander dolls from the 1950’s have been reported to have sold for as much as $25,000! As with many types of collectibles, Madame Alexander dolls are not as popular with collectors as they once were. While there are still many people who collect dolls, in general, Madame Alexander 2023 values are significantly lower than their peak in the ‘80s and ’90s.

The value of a Madame Alexander doll depends on a variety of factors, including the doll’s condition, rarity, and age, as well as the doll’s accessories and original packaging. Madame Alexander 2023 values of common dolls generally reflect a sales price of less than $50, with the bulk of those sales in the $5 to $30 range.

Of course, there are still some Madame Alexander dolls that are in demand by collectors. Here are some of the most famous and sought-after Madame Alexander dolls:

The Maggie Face doll was introduced in 1948 and was one of the first dolls created by Madame Alexander to have a more realistic, lifelike face. The Maggie Face doll is considered a classic among doll collectors, and Madame Alexander 2023 values for these dolls perform well in online auctions with typical sales in the $40 to $80 range.

Madame Alexander created a series of dolls inspired by the classic novel “Little Women” by Louisa May Alcott. The dolls were introduced in the 1940s and were hugely popular, especially during the 1950s and 1960s. The Little Women dolls have been reissued over the years and remain a favorite of many collectors. Madame Alexander 2023 values for the majority of Little Women dolls range from $8 to $60. However, the JO doll, a 1930’s vintage all-cloth doll based on Little Women, sold for $419 in 2023.

The Cissy doll, introduced in 1955, is one of the most popular and enduring Madame Alexander dolls. Cissy was the original fashion doll with an extensive wardrobe, and her popularity lasted through the 1950s and 1960s. Today, Cissy dolls are highly sought-after by collectors. Madame Alexander 2023 values of the most popular Cissy dolls range from $145 to $438.

The Scarlett O’Hara doll was introduced in 1967 and was based on the character from the classic novel “Gone with the Wind” by Margaret Mitchell. The doll was hugely popular and has been reissued several times over the years. In terms of Madame Alexander 2023 values, Scarlet dolls currently range from $12 to $60, with a few select dolls from the 30’s and 40’s bringing in close to $299 at online auctions.

Wendy dolls are inspired by various characters, including the characters in “Peter Pan” and “Alice in Wonderland.” The Wendy dolls have been popular with collectors as they come in a variety of sizes and styles. Typical Madame Alexander 2023 values for Wendy dolls range from $18 to $99, with one lucky seller getting $566 for a vintage Madame Alexander Wendy Ann ballerina doll.

Other popular Madame Alexander dolls include the Dionne Quintuplets dolls, the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis doll, and the Mary Poppins doll.

The Alexander Doll Company is still in operation, although it has changed ownership several times over the years. The dolls continue to be made with the same attention to detail and quality that has made them beloved by generations of children and collectors. Today, the average retail cost of a new Madame Alexander doll is $150.

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