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If you’re paying for a long-distance move, you’ll want to be sure you don’t waste money moving. Once you factor in the distance of your move and the size of the boxes required to pack them, there are some things you may not want to bring on your downsizing move. 

Don't Waste Money Moving These Six Things

Space is Money!

Downsizers quickly realize the value of space, whether it’s the cost of space on a moving truck or the space they’ll have to store belongings in their new residence.  Plan ahead for your move and anticipate your new lifestyle so you don’t waste money moving these six things.

As professional move managers, we’ve done our fair share of packing and unpacking boxes for both long-distance and short-distance moves.  Too often, we find ourselves unpacking items that probably shouldn’t have made the trip, but that got lost in the shuffle.

In order to maximize your moving budget and fit all of your belongings comfortably into your new space, you’ll want to spend time thinking through everything you want to take, not just larger items like your furniture.   

Most moving and packing teams will systematically pack up everything in their path, and it happens fast!  There is usually no time to make decisions once they arrive.  That’s why we highly recommend that you make decisions in advance of packing day so you don’t waste money moving these six things:

Old Technology

Older stereo equipment, large televisions, CD’s, VHS tapes, and even bulky clock radios can take up a lot of space in a moving box and in your new home. Unless you are an audiophile with a small fortune invested in your equipment, we recommend that you embrace the idea of new technology to access your favorite music, videos, and even books. You’d be surprised how affordable it is to replace old technology with new (and much smaller!) options, especially when you consider the cost of moving it.

Cleaning Products

Even though most moving companies say not to pack these, we still see a lot of cleaning products and supplies in our unpacking jobs.  Detergents, cleaning solutions, rags, paper towels, sponges, scrub brushes etc. can take up a lot of space and cost more to move than to replace when you get there.  If you’re moving to a new community or a lifestyle that includes housekeeping, you likely won’t need as many cleaning supplies anyway.


Be sure to consider your future responsibilities for maintenance, repairs, or even simple jobs like picture hanging in your new space.  For most downsizers moving into a condominium or apartment, we recommend that you pack a modest tool box with commonly needed tools for small household jobs, and leave the rest behind.

Photo Frames

Be sure to take stock of the wall and shelf space you’ll have available to display framed photos in your next place.  Select your favorites to take with you, but save yourself the expense of packing fragile frames and glass unnecessarily.  Remove the rest of the images from their frames and pack loose photos in a smaller box instead.  

Old Books 

Old books are bulky and may harbor dust and mildew.  While most people have favorite titles they like to use as reference or include in their decor, you’ll save money and hassle by leaving the bulk of your paperbacks and older, not-opened-in-many-years volumes behind.  It’s easy to obtain books from the library or online, and you may enjoy starting a new book collection when you get to your new home.


It rarely makes sense to pack and ship groceries on a long-distance move.  In our downsizing plans, we start talking about using up the food in the house over four months out!  Moving companies typically prohibit perishable items because of the risk of pests, and the cost and effort of moving groceries generally outweighs their value.  Do the best you can to empty your panty and shelves before the packers arrive.

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