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Marketing Meetup

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Join Anna and other Premier Partners for our Monthly Marketing Meetup to share wins, brainstorm ideas, and set your plan for a successful month ahead:

June 17th @ 7pm EST
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July 29th – 7pm EST

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Subject: Downsizing News for June

Hi, [Client /Person]!

Welcome to June, a beautiful month filled with endless possibilities! As we step into the peak of summer, it’s a perfect time to reassess our living spaces, especially for those of us gearing up for a significant change like downsizing.

This month, we’re excited to help you navigate through your home transition with ease and confidence. Whether it’s making the most of your empty nest, finding the best ways to rehome your most valuable items, or preparing meticulously for your move, we have professional insights tailored just for you. In this issue, you’ll find expert tips on decluttering effectively, understanding the ins and outs of consignment, and how to sort your belongings before your move.

Organizing for an Empty Nest

Navigating the emotions of an empty nest can be challenging, but it also opens up a wonderful opportunity to breathe new life into your home. Let’s explore some innovative ways to upgrade or repurpose under-utilized rooms in your home.

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How Consignment Stores Work

While consignment isn’t for every downsizer, it offers a promising avenue for those with quality items who have the time and energy to spend on it. Discover if this is the right option for you, and how to make the most out of it.

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How to Sort Your Belongings Before a Move

Sorting through a lifetime of belongings is no small task. We’ve compiled some pro tips to help you decide what to take along to your new home and what to leave behind, making the process as smooth as possible.

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We’ll save you time, energy, and money.

Are you thinking about downsizing this year? Call us first for free advice and experienced guidance for your downsizing move.


Subject: Transform Your Home: Organizing Tips for an Empty Nest

Greetings, [Client /Person]!

As you adjust to an empty nest, it’s an ideal time to transform and personalize your living space. Take the opportunity to reevaluate your home’s layout and functionality, ensuring it meets your evolving needs. Discover valuable strategies for decluttering, repurposing rooms, and optimizing storage with this helpful guide on organizing for an empty nest:

  • Preserve and Store Family History: Effective ways to save space while keeping cherished memories.
  • Reconfigure Storage Spaces: Tips for decluttering and optimizing home functionality.
  • Room Reimagining: Ideas for converting children’s rooms into new, usable spaces.
  • Travel-Ready Organization: How to streamline your home for frequent travel.

For more creative ideas and detailed advice, check out the full article!

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Subject: Essential Tips for Sorting Your Belongings Before a Move

Hello, [Client/Person]!

Are you gearing up for a move and feeling daunted by the prospect of sorting through all your belongings? Simplifying this process can not only save you time but also significantly reduce the stress associated with moving. We’ve gathered some insightful tips to help you organize and prioritize your possessions effectively.

Whether you’re downsizing or just looking to declutter, these guidelines will assist you in making well-informed decisions about what to keep and what to part with.

  • Assess Essential Furniture: Decide what will fit and function in your new space.
  • Declutter Effectively: Learn methods to reduce personal items without stress.
  • Manage Your Wardrobe: Tips on keeping what you love and use most.
  • Focus on What Matters: Strategies for prioritizing sentimental items.

For more detailed advice and strategies, check out the full article!

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All June links in order of appearance

Top Packing Tips for Organizing Your Suitcase

Things to Do Before Selling Your Home

How Consignment Stores Work

Tips For Senior Solo Travel

How to Sort Your Belongings Before a Move

Small Front Porch Ideas

Organizing For An Empty Nest

The Green Way to Clear Out Your Medicine Cabinet

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Monday, June 3rd

Custom post idea: Share an image of yourself, introduce yourself to your audience (who you are, what you do, your experience etc)

Tuesday, June 4th

A little leak can lead to big problems! Take a moment to inspect under your sinks for any signs of water damage or leaks. Making a plan to repair these issues not only protects your home but also its future value.

Image File Name: refresh-under-sink.jpg

Wednesday, June 5th

Custom post idea: Shout out to a business partner you love

Thursday, June 6th

Most people are concerned about their art and other valuables when they downsize. Here are some common mistakes to avoid.

Image File Name: common-mistakes-downsizing-art-and-valuables.mp4

Friday, June 7th

Do you ever feel like you need to start packing weeks before your big trip? A little organization in your suitcase can help you plan, save you time and help you stay organized on your vacation, too.

Image File Name: packing-tips.jpg

Monday, June 10th

Custom post idea: Post personal photo of client work or interesting objects you’ve seen on the job

Tuesday, June 11th

Downsizers have a lot to do in addition to getting their home ready for market. See these 7 essential tips to get your home ready to sell, from fixing ‘under-the-hood’ issues to sprucing up your space for the best first impression.

Image File Name: things-to-do-before-selling.jpg

Wednesday, June 12th

Custom post idea: Share a local event or auction taking place in your area

Thursday, June 13th

Consignment is not always the best option for Downsizers, but if you have quality items in good condition, and enough time and energy to do it, consignment offers an opportunity to sell your unneeded fashion and furniture.

Image File Name: consignment.jpg

Friday, June 14th

These days, single travelers have a lot more options (and a lot more fun!) than you might think.

Image File Name: senior-solo-travel.jpg

Monday, June 17th

Custom post idea: Share a NASMM, NAPO or SRES post

Tuesday, June 18th

Are you holding onto high-quality or designer wallets you haven’t used in years? Check your collection for those that could be consigned or sold online.

Image File Name: DD-wallets.jpg

Wednesday, June 19th

Custom post idea: Share a photo from your day; a cup of coffee, a book you’re reading, going for a walk etc.

Thursday, June 20th

It’s hard to sort your belongings before a move! We love these pro tips for how to choose what to bring with you, and what should be left behind.

Image File Name: sort-belongings.jpg

Friday, June 21st

Spruce up your entrance with these simple, budget-friendly ideas! Even the smallest front porch can benefit from a pop of color or a cozy seating area.

Image File Name: small-front-porch.jpg

Monday, June 24th

Custom post idea: Share a testimonial from one of your satisfied clients

Tuesday, June 25th

Plenty of people have more kitchen tools than they use on a regular basis. But could you cook in a truly minimalist kitchen?

Image File Name: minimalist-kitchen.jpg

Wednesday, June 26th

Custom post idea: Do you have a before and after image from one of your projects?

Thursday, June 27th

Don’t be afraid to upgrade or re-purpose unused space in your home.

Image File Name: empty-nest.jpg

Friday, June 28th

Have you ever wondered what is the best way to dispose of your unused/expired medications? Hint: it’s not flushing it down the toilet!

Image File Name:  green-way-to-clear-medicine-cabinet.jpg