Getting Started Guide for New Partners

Welcome, Partner! Follow this guide to get started with Please feel free to reach out to our help desk with any questions at

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Join the Private Email and Message Board for HTP Partners

This is the private email group we use for all group communications, so that’s how you’ll be able to get all of the good tips, reminders and marketing deliverables shared by others.  Be sure to use the best email address for you, and tell your system that it’s not spam.

DO THIS: Send an email to this address:

You’ll receive a verification email password, and you can choose if you want to receive messages as they come in or once a day.  Be sure to visit the main page in your browser to be able to view the email archive and files.  See a quick video that shows you how this looks.

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Set Up Social Media Scheduling*

*This service is optional and provided as a courtesy to you.  Posts are scheduled exactly as written on the calendar that we publish on the 15th of each month.

To initiate social media scheduling, please add Anna  (Anna McKellar Novak) to your Facebook business page.
Step-by-step instructions:
  1. Click the icon of your profile picture in the upper right corner to switch into your Facebook business account
  2. Click your page name at the top of the menu on the left side of the page
  3. Click “Professional Dashboard” on the menu on the left side of the page
  4. Click “Page access” on the menu on the left side of the page
  5. Click “Add New” to the right of the section titled “People with Facebook Access”
  6. Search by name “Anna McKellar Novak”

If your Instagram business page is connected to your Facebook business page, we should be all set for both platforms.

If this doesn’t work for you,  please email for alternative instructions.

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Link to Your Landing Page

Once you’re satisfied with your landing page, you’ll want to link to it from your website to receive the benefits of the backlink. 

You can link it using the Premier Partner logo (below), or use a simple link from somewhere on the site.  Some people also like to point to the page from their email signature, i.e “See my Profile on”

You may choose to include the Premier Partner logo on your website, your email signature or in print.

Download the LOGOS here.

Tip: We’ve included versions for dark backgrounds and light backgrounds.  Most people add this alongside their NAPO or NASMM badge, etc.

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Get Help with Your Monthly Newsletter

Our monthly newsletter content is delivered via email on the 15th of each month, for the following month.   You are free to cut and paste our newsletter content as you like.  

If you want support with your monthly newsletter, we can help!  Email Tracy@SimplyDownsized to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes and No.  You should never cut and paste ANYONE ELSE’s blog onto your site.  It’s terrible for SEO and usually infringes on copyright protections. But you CAN link to other blogs (including the HTP Blog), like I do on the Simply Downsized site. 

You may copy HTP content verbatim into emails, newsletters and print materials.  You may also use HTP-branded tools and white label content in email or print form.  If you have a mailing list set up in AWEBER, we can set up your monthly newsletter for you.  

Yes!  Many deliverables can be re-branded, and we publish canva templates with no restrictions on editing, re-using or branding, as long as you remain a Premier Partner. Help yourself, or we can add your logo to these materials for a small fee, on request.  

Yes! We will be happy to schedule the monthly Social Media Calendar posts for up to four channels as a courtesy to you.    The only channel we do not schedule is Linked In.