Do you know about the lock and leave lifestyle? Coined as a real estate marketing catchphrase to promote luxury condominiums, the concept has captured the imaginations of retirees and empty nesters who aren’t interested in a traditional retirement community, but who long for luxury without upkeep.

Hallmarks of the Lock-and-Leave Lifestyle

  • New or newer construction
  • Open floorplans
  • Emphasis on luxury and high quality finishes
  • Private elevators and garages
  • Rooftop or other shared party space
  • Concierge services
  • Amenities like golf, spa, fitness center or pool
retirement living condo social space

In the over-55 crowd, the appeal for this type of luxury living meets several needs for their stage of life. An upscale condo or gated community offers:

Security: Doormen, private garages, 24-hour staff, and strategic lighting are all geared toward making you feel safe.

Flexibility: You are free to leave your home on short notice and be gone as long as you like.  Amenities like 24-hour concierge services and dog walking services make life easier.  Plus, you’ll never have to worry about landscaping or other exterior maintenance while you’re away.

Connectedness: For many, a unit in a coveted neighborhood offers walkability, plus easy access to shopping, dining, and other opportunities for fun and interaction.  Socially-focused amenities and neighbor networks help you stay engaged and connected with others.

Variety:  Many see this option as a way to reenergize and have new experiences, and choose to enjoy a lifestyle upgrade when they are recently retired or still working. The lock and leave lifestyle may not be a total cost savings, but the expense could be balanced with lower taxes and other costs associated with maintaining a home.

On the flip side, this lifestyle may not be for everyone. Common concerns include:

  • Some may worry about room size and ability to host guests.
  • Some aren’t ready to let go of their storage and garage spaces.
  • Pet policies may vary in terms of size, breed and number of pets.
  • It’s expensive. You can expect a higher square foot price, plus all of those amenities come at a cost: monthly HOA fees can add up quickly.

Would you consider a lock and leave lifestyle? We have tons of ideas for you!  Get in touch today and we will introduce you to transition specialists who have a handle on the luxury-without-upkeep options available in your area, and can help you make the transition with minimal stress.