Downsize in 24 months with the 2 year downsizing plan by Home Transition Pros

For most people, the decision to downsize a home evolves over time, as priorities change and new opportunities emerge. It can sometimes take years to determine a next move and work up the enthusiasm to take the plunge. If you feel a home transition is in your future, it’s a good idea to take control of your belongings sooner than later.

Start Now for a Less Stressful Transition to a New Home

Even if you don’t know where you’re going, planning ahead for your eventual move can be a therapeutic part of the process, allowing you to:

  • Take time to relive your memories.
  • Make deliberate decisions about your belongings.
  • Enjoy a simplified lifestyle in your current home.

For some households, professional help with sorting, donation, recycling and other services is helpful; for others it will be critical.  A longer time frame gives you the flexibility to complete the work you can do yourself, and more options when it’s time to bring in some help.

“The two year downsizing plan from Home Transition Pros can guide you through the steps needed to ensure steady progress in the right direction.”

If you make a personal commitment to following through, you can stay on course without becoming overwhelmed by the project.  Here’s a quick overview:

Year One:  The Small Stuff

The first 12 months of our downsizing plan focuses on working through the majority of your belongings to remove items you don’t want to take to your next home.  Home Transition Pros recommends an approach and timeline for every room of the house so you can identify the items you want to take with you, and feel good about what you do with everything else.

Year Two:  The Big Stuff

In year two of the downsizing process, we focus on completing delayed maintenance on your property, preparing your home for market, dealing with furnishings and other large items, and planning your move.  Our detailed checklists and insider tips will guide you through the process with more time to spare.

Join in on the Two Year Downsizing Plan!   

You can start any time of the year, and rely on Home Transition Pros to keep you on schedule with tips from those who have already done it and succeeded.

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