Home Transition Pros Marketing Strategy


Tend to your website. Be clear about your services, be sure your site has no broken links etc.

Link to HomeTransitionPros.com, NASMM, NAPO, other local businesses as appropriate.

Set up Google My Business and encourage all of your reviews to go there.

HTP Resources

Your HTP Landing Page

Social Media

Post 3 times a week with friendly, helpful content geared toward your target market.  

Optional: Post 1-2 times a week with local stories/events, B2B shout outs/news, client testimonials, etc.

Optional: Customize your social media images with your logo.




Send direct emails to new contacts and at least one referral partner each month. 

Send one content-focused newsletter OR send 2 blog summaries to your whole list.

Optional: Set up an email list, lead magnet and a welcome email that is tied to your website. 


Presentations or Visits to communities, brokerages, others as needed (whatever works best for your business in your market).

Attendance at networking events.

One-to-One B2B meetings with high-value referral partners (can be phone call).

Networking with HTP Partners.

Paid Advertising (Optional)

Advertise in local lifestyle magazine or local newspaper; choose highest profile publication you can afford; do one or two promotions during the year.

**Make sure publication includes your promotion online along with a link to your website

Speak to your target market’s pain points when you write your advertising.

More Marketing Advice

Target Market Profile and Pain Points

Review these pain points when you are writing marketing copy or communicating with potential clients or referral partners.  ALWAYS SPEAK TO THE PAIN POINTS AND LEAD WITH THE BENEFITS YOU OFFER.

Our Ideal Client:

Needs to downsize belongings and/or home because of an empty nest.


Needs to move local parents into assisted living or other smaller home situation

Is busy in their career and family life and wants (and can afford) help managing these projects.

What are our Ideal Client’s Secret Fears?

Emotional Fears:

  • starting over
  • leaving an important stage of their life behind
  • making mistakes
  • change/transition in general
  • not being comfortable in their new home, not feeling like “home”
  • letting go of belongings, disposing of many belongings; letting them “go to waste” or “throwing away memories”

Financial Fears

  • having financial situation disrupted
  • having to spend a lot of money on fixing the house
  • paying too much for home repairs, organizing, moving, real estate fees, etc.
  • not being able to sell or gift items of value
  • having trouble selling the house
  • not getting the $ they want/need from the house

Tactical/Physical Fears

  • taking on the project of moving / not having time to manage the process
  • sorting through their belongings
  • sorting/managing paper and documents
  • packing belongings
  • being available for repairmen
  • identifying items of value
  • physically removing unwanted items
  • selling items as appropriate
  • showing the house/keeping the house clean
  • moving belongings to new home

Practical Fears

  • finding a realtor who will do a good job/deliver good value
  • finding people to make repairs on the house
  • finding people to help organize/plan new space
  • finding people to manage organizing/culling/ disposing of belongings
  • finding capable movers
  • confronting a secret or glaring problem with the house that seems expensive or difficult to overcome

What would their perfect solution look like?

Full-service moving management that:

  • correctly identifies and anticipates your needs
  • offers options for different approaches and situations
  • provides clear path and specific tasks for efficient use of time and resources
  • minimizes duplicate efforts (giving contact information, home information, arranging multiple estimates, etc.)
  • provides pre-vetted and reliable services for organizing, space management, moving and real estate provides a compassionate, familiar and thorough project manager for the whole process
  • guarantees satisfaction for all services
  • offers a financing option to consolidate repair expenses and postpone payment until the property sells

What is it they want more than anything else?

Our clients want:

  • a strategic, seamless process that makes it easy for them
  • to trust that they are not overpaying or going over budget
  • confidence that nothing will fall through the cracks
  • to manage the process without wasting time or money
  • keep their best and most necessary belongings
  • get the most money possible from the sale of their home
  • to have a pleasant experience working with kind, responsive people doing their jobs well. 
  • For Seniors:  to be treated with dignity and be shown respect for their belongings; to work with people sensitive to the process.

Attributes of ideal Real Estate Referral Partner 

  • Successful Realtor
  • Busy with real estate work
  • Cover a large area
  • Get a lot of listings in more established neighborhoods
  • Get the high-value listings
  • Can be senior-focused but they don’t have to be
  • Will often have a team in place to do repairs and staging etc.
  • Don’t really know much about antiques or collectibles

What are their fears?

  • The more time they have to spend with the client before they sell the house, the less money they make
  • If clients can’t get motivated to move and empty the house it affects their ability to collect a commission
  • Also increases the likelihood they could lose the listing (Time Kills Deals)
  • Don’t want to deal with family members
  • Want a house that is completely empty
  • Want it done quickly / need to move quickly
  • Don’t want a stressful situation for their clients
  • Don’t want any last-minute drama with stuff in the house

What would their perfect solution look like?

  • Not increase their time / cost them more time
Expedite the moving process
  • Take them out of the equation with the family dynamics of the transaction
  • Don’t have to answer questions they don’t know the answer to
  • Easy hand-off
  • Having a one-call-does-it-all solution that manages the relationship and the task of clearing out
  • Makes them look good
  • Get the property available sooner
  • Takes them out of the equation when they don’t know what they’re doing
  • Quick
  • Deal with the emotional aspect of it
  • Point them to a reputable company
  • An efficient system that gets them out for the least amount of money and
  • effort for their clients
  • Customer service oriented
  • Handing them off to someone who’s going to take care of them
  • Somebody who would keep the realtor in the loop and keep them updated
  • Responsive to the client and give their clients a personalized service
  • Keeping them out of trouble and in their lane
  • This prevents them from liability of handling people’s items and giving advice when they’re not insured to do that
  • Makes their business cleaner
  • Lowers their risk of losing the deal
  • Increases the likelihood that the client will be happy at the end of the day

What is it they want more than anything else?

  • Want that house sold yesterday
  • Want a clean, empty house ready to sell today
  • Don’t want to deal with drama
  • Don’t want to have to mess with it themselves
  • Reputable company to hand it off to
  • Look like a hero

The pain you will stop:

  • Taking forever to be ready to sell
  • Being asked questions that they are not qualified to answer
  • Unnecessary visits to the house
  • A whole other project they just don’t have time to do
  • Fewer calls, fewer visits
  • Having last-minute issues
  • Having old ugly stuff in the house when you’re trying to sell it

Results you will deliver:

  • Clean empty house ready to sell today
  • Less stress for the client
  • Superior customer service for their client
  • Less time and effort on their part
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Personal service
  • Provide additional referrals and services that they have no idea what to do – can handle anything that comes up: transporting a car, transporting a patient, selling high-value items, identifying high-value items, large item transportation, dealing with challenging junk that nobody knows what to do with