7 Steps to Storing Holiday Decorations After Downsizing

Professional organizer of small homes Diane Greenhalgh shares her tips for storing
your holiday decorations.

7 Steps to Storing Holiday Decorations After Downsizing

Once the high of the holiday season is over reality sets in. It’s time to pack up
everything to get ready for the next season. Are you dreading it even more this year because you have a lot less storage space? I hear you. Living in a small home
sometimes takes creativity to find the space for what’s important to you.
Below are some strategies to get you through the holiday decorations packing process.
Simplify Your Collection
Consider simplifying your collection to a theme or just the sentimental stuff. As you
decide what to keep, opt for smaller items and consider replacing decorations that take up a lot of space. For instance, use a house light projector instead of string lights.
Keep Your Collection Small
Each year, take time to edit your collection. When you bring in new things, such as
those annual ornaments marking the year, try to remove something else to make space. Before packing your things away, remove anything that’s broken, doesn’t work, or missing parts or pieces. Then donate, sell, or gift anything you haven’t used.
Take Everything Apart
I know it’s more work but taking everything apart and putting it back together each year, like your faux trees, is going to save you much-needed space. Take apart your string of lights and roll them individually around cardboard instead of a large holiday light reel. Same goes for your extension cords. Wrap them individually with this technique.
Separate Indoor vs. Outdoor
Indoor decorations, especially things like candles and wrapping paper, need to be
climate controlled. Separate them from outdoor decorations, which you can store in an outdoor shed or garage.
Containerize + Label
Pack everything neatly into bins and bags by season/holiday and indoor vs. outdoor
then label everything. Use every last drop of space in the container and utilize storage solutions meant for what you have, such as a wreath bag or figurine box.
Protect Fragile Items
No point in taking up storage space for 10+ months with broken figurines and
ornaments. Protect your treasures and use options that take up less space like
cardboard dividers and ornament boxes rather than packing paper and bubble wrap. Use paper plates to divide china instead of wrapping them individually.
Use Vertical Space
You need to be creative in a small home with limited storage. Think vertical. Use the walls of a closet, the back of a door, or garage ceiling racks, which are ideal for outdoor décor. Don’t forget to look down too. Use under-bed bins, ideally with wheels, to tuck things under furniture. This is a great option for storing your birthday gift wrapping supplies and other things you’ll need year-round, so you can access them easily.
Wrap Up
Storing holiday items doesn’t have to be a seasonal nightmare. Use these steps to face it head on, so you can relax and enjoy the next season. You may even find you have a little fun now that you know what to do.
Stay focused on the reward…
Being able to bring the next season’s treasures out!
Happy packing!
About the Author
Diane Greenhalgh is a residential professional organizer specializing in small spaces and downsizing. As the owner of Tiny to the Max, she helps overwhelmed folks maximize even the smallest spaces, find the fun in the process, and turn stress into serenity.

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