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Thanksgiving Tips for Downsizers

Are you the one who prepares and serves Thanksgiving dinner? For those who love to cook, preparing a large meal can be a rewarding experience. If you entertain on a large scale, or if you USED to prepare big meals even once a year, you probably have some speciality equipment and service ware in your inventory. 

If you’re downsizing, the holidays can be the perfect time to enjoy your favorite things and let go of items no longer needed.  Use your time in the kitchen this year to take inventory of your kitchen and entertaining supplies with an eye toward downsizing. 

Let Go of Leftovers

If you have the time, pull out your serving dishes and prep items the week before Thanksgiving to save yourself the headache of locating those items when the big day arrives.  Once that’s done, take a peek at the stuff left sitting in your cabinets when all of your good items are out? Is there anything that can be donated or otherwise re-homed?

Play Favorites

This goes for any genre of equipment in the house, but now is a good time to take a hard look at how many colanders, potato mashers, tiny little saucepans, and glass mixing bowls you have.  Pick your favorite and most necessary ones to use during your cooking and entertaining this season, and set aside the rest for donation. 

Say No to Old Spices

When was the last time you organized your spice cabinet?  Take this time to locate everything you’ll need for your Thanksgiving dishes, and while you’re at it, go ahead and toss anything you haven’t used in a year (or two at the most!) Do everyone a favor and buy some fresh poultry seasoning and throw away that crusty dried sage from 2014.

Share the Love (and the Stuff)

Once you’ve decided to let go of some of the “big meal’ supplies? You can probably send some of it out the door on Thanksgiving night!  Use them to package leftovers and send them with your guests, along with any unopened cans of pumpkin or cranberry relish you won’t be moving with you.

Most importantly, be sure take plenty of photos of you, your family and friends, and your favorite dishes served in your favorite platters, bowls and baskets!  The memories of your Thanksgiving traditions can be enjoyed going forward (with no dirty dishes to wash!)

And of course, no matter what you’re doing, we hope you have a very enjoyable Thanksgiving.

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