setting your downsizing budget

As Senior Move Managers, Professional Organizers, and Downsizing Specialists, we are often asked about how much a move will cost. It’s a valid question, and we wish there was an easy answer! Moving has many facets, and the professionals can make sure you have everything covered in order to make it a smooth move.

Senior Move Manager and Downsizing Specialist Randi Hutton of Fairfield County Connecticut has helped hundreds of people make complex moves. She advises downsizers and seniors to anticipate a wide range of necessary services when you are setting your downsizing budget.

Setting Your Downsizing Budget

A professional move manager or downsizing specialist can be available to help with as little or as much as you need, keeping in mind your needs and your overall budget.   A typical menu of services may include:

  • Help with decluttering and donations.
  • Finding the best mover for your needs. Moving costs vary, and are typically separate from the rest of the downsizing and home preparation efforts. 
  • Connecting you with the most appropriate option for an auction house, estate liquidator, and/or private buyers to purchase items you want to sell.
  • Determining the best packing options for your needs. You may choose to pack yourself, engage a Senior Move Manager and/or Professional Organizer, or use the services of your Mover.  Many times, people customize a hybrid approach using all three of these options.
  • Manage the unpacking & setting up your new home.  We highly encourage our clients to think through this final, but very important, step. Be forewarned that moving companies offer unpacking services, but they simply unpack boxes and put things down on any horizontal surface.
  • Help you understand options for insurance for your belongings during your move.
  • Arranging for contractors and repairs when needed, on both the move-out and move-in side.
  • Reviewing a floor plan, so furniture will have enough space and be placed correctly when delivered.
  • Refer you to customized services, such as auto transport, wine transport, etc. 

Senior Move Managers, Organizers & Downsizing Specialists have different costs which can be charged at an hourly rate or a job fee. If more than one person is needed, there may be different fees depending on the skill level and task responsibility. 

The key to remember is that you are in charge, and downsizing professionals want to help by doing what is best for you.  Randi recommends a detailed in-home or virtual assessment that will answer all of your questions early in the process.  Note that some assessments are complimentary, and some carry a fee, but the value of having an experienced person overseeing your whole transition will save you money and stress overall.

As you can see, budgeting for your downsizing move is far more complex than a simple moving estimate. There are many details involved in a move, and a professional move manager will educate you about the process and recommend the most necessary services to make sure you have a stress free move while making the wisest use of your budget.​

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