top 5 mistakes people make when downsizing

Are you considering a downsizing move? As a professional organizer and move manager, Ginger Willis of Element of Fun Organizing has seen lots of people through the process. While every situation is different, there are definitely some very common misperceptions and missteps that even the most organized people will make as they embark on their downsizing journey. Ginger walks us through her top 5 mistakes people make when downsizing, and shows us the way to a less stressful and more efficient move.

Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Downsizing

Mistake 1: Trying To Do It All Yourself
Even the most straightforward downsizing move will have a lot of decisions, tasks and complex feelings. You will need mental, emotional and physical support. Make a list now of who you can rely on for support. Your spouse or partner? Your children or other family members? Your friends and neighbors?

Even if you have reliable personal support, you most likely will still need the help of Professionals like Professional Organizers, Movers, Junk Removal Services, Move Managers, Real Estate Professionals, Repair Professionals and more. Lean on these Professionals for their expertise about the process and for their access to the most appropriate local resources available. We are here to help you!

Mistake 2: Waiting Too Long To Start
If you’re unsure when to start, trust me, the time to start is now! The more time you give yourself to prepare for your upcoming transition and work through the tougher decisions, the happier you will be with the process. If you wait until you are forced to downsize for health or other reasons, you are much more likely to experience stress and regret or become overwhelmed.

Mistake 3: Deferring Decisions Until Later
Downsizing can drive procrastination! People tell themselves they’ll have more time to sort their belongings after their move. In the moment when it all feels like too much, it may seem enticing to delay some decisions until after your move. You may feel like it will be easier to decide whether or not to keep the china cabinet once you are in your new space. But as a Professional, I must tell you, it most likely will not be any easier if you delay decisions until after your move. It is best to be decisive and make those tough choices now, whatever they may be for you.

The bright side is, if you make the decisions beforehand, you will feel relief from the burden of decision making, and you won’t feel regret or additional trepidation after your move.

Mistake 4: Taking Downsizing Too Seriously
This work is emotional, mentally straining, exhausting and frustrating. We encourage our clients to maintain a sense of humor and a grateful attitude for the things we’ve had and the things we’ll have in the future, too. We must not take our stuff or ourselves too seriously. Smile and laugh and celebrate through this process. There may be some (or many) tears, too, and that is OK. If you need a good cry to process the emotions of downsizing, a good Move Manager will be there to hold your hand and pass the tissues. Downsizing can be enjoyable if you have the right mindset. A reliable support person, Professional Organizer or Move Manager will help you focus on the positive.

Mistake 5: Not Taking Breaks
It’s so important to sustain your energy through the work of decluttering and downsizing. While a solid work ethic and focus is something to be proud of, if you deplete your energy reserves, you will be of no help to anyone, especially yourself.

Take small and large breaks when you need them. A Professional can help you map out a timeline that allows for breaks while still making progress toward your move date. When I work with Seniors in the process of downsizing, I schedule shorter sessions and only 2 days in a row. Then we take a break. We back up and survey our progress. We rest before we move forward.

The good news is that we can help you avoid these top 5 mistakes people make when downsizing! Get in touch today for recommendations for qualified pros in your area.

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