Downsizing in Six Months

Six months may seem like a long time, but when you are downsizing and moving, the days fly by!  Of course, when necessary, people can accomplish big moves and whole-home clear outs in a matter of weeks.  But for voluntary, scheduled downsizing, we recommend a minimum of six months.

Downsizers often need to reduce their belongings by 80% or more in order to fit into their new space. It can be very daunting to stare down many years’ worth of belongings and imagine going through every cupboard, box, drawer and closet in your home, especially when you have extra responsibilities to prepare your home for sale.

If you know where you’re moving, and have the time and energy to tackle the major sorting and downsizing on your own, our Six Month Downsizing Plan offers a month-by-month breakdown of a typical downsizing move.

You’ll need to dedicate time to achieve these goals!  If you’re worried that it will be labor-intensive and mentally exhausting too, you’re right.  It’s a big job.  But if you have six months and you’re ready to jump in, try out the Six Month Downsizing Plan

Pro Tips for Using the Six Month Downsizing Plan

Keep an open mind for the first month.

If you are able to keep up, that’s great!  Soldier on!  If you find that the extra work is overwhelming, you may decide to bring on some extra help sooner than later.

Keep the focus on what you DO want to take. 

It’s a lot easier to cherry pick the top 20% of your belongings instead getting bogged down in the 80% that you’re not keeping.

If removing unwanted items is wearing you out, leave them in place! 

It can be more efficient to move them all out at once near the end of the process.

Remember, almost everyone needs help doing this. 

Surround yourself with competent people who know how to get things done in your town, and you’ll be just fine.

downsize in six months

Open the 6-Month Downsizing Plan

Get inspired with this sample 6-month checklist!

Thinking about Downsizing?
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