home inventory planning to downsize

As you prepare to review, assess and sort all of the belongings you’ve acquired over the past 30 or 40 years, one thing becomes clear:  You’ll need a way to manage all of the information. A home inventory of your belongings is a critical tool for a successful home transition.

Whether you’re a pen-and-paper type of person, or if you’re ready to try an all-digital version of a traditional inventory, a written or photographic list of your belongings will make downsizing, moving, and unpacking much easier for everyone involved.

A system for keeping track of your belongings is a must-have!  Your home inventory of your belongings will help you:

  • Keep track of all of your belongings and where they need to go.
  • Determine the types of help you’ll need to process everything.
  • Remember the reasons you made the decisions you’ve made.
  • Provide a written record of your intentions that you can share with others.

We recommend that you think ahead about the way you will organize the information you’ll need to gather and set out an inventory management strategy before you really get going on anything else.  Then, stick with your system throughout the process.

Start Making Your Own Lists

Are you a list person?  If you are, you’ve probably already started thinking about your lists and how you will keep yourself organized during the downsizing process.  Whatever works for you is great!  If making lists doesn’t come naturally to you, there are options for already-made workbooks or printable inventory sheets that will get you going.  The Home Transition Pros Planning Guide for Downsizers includes handy tools that we invite you to print off.

Home Inventory – Lean on the Pros

Whether you are managing a planned downsizing move,  a short-notice move, or an estate closeout, the moving company you choose should have its own foolproof way of keeping track of your items (if they don’t, then don’t choose them!).  Be sure to ask about their system and how much detail will be provided.  Also, ask for help determining what items you’ll be responsible for tracking yourself. 

Embrace New Technology Tools for Home Inventories

For some, a trusty yellow pad or pre-made workbook will do the trick.  While pen and paper may be a comfortable method for you, we’d like you to consider these benefits of an online system:

  • You can see, sort, and distribute all of your belongings, all from your computer or tablet.
  • You can go back and add more details or notes as you go along, and find them easily.
  • Your measurements and notes can be easily shared with people who are helping you downsize your belongings.
  • Move managers, packers, and movers can quickly determine where each of your items should go (your next home, a family member, charity, etc.)
  • Your inventory becomes a permanent record of valuable items, including where they are stored or where they were sent.

Online home inventory and move management tools are a development that will greatly increase the efficiency and accuracy of your note-taking.  Get in touch today to learn more about our preferred online systems and recommendations for qualified help in your area.

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