Checklist: Prepare for a Long-Term Trip

Do you have a checklist to prepare to leave your home vacant? Take the time to prepare your home before you take a trip or a vacation so that your property will remain secure and safe while you’re away.

Empty Nest Travel

One of the joys of the empty nest is the freedom to travel, or to divide your time between seasonal residences.   In the early days of the empty nest, some folks may even leave the family home for months at a time while they try out new locations and adventures.

Don’t let papers and mail accumulate when you’re not at home!

This kind of flexibility is great, but there are added responsibilities when you are leaving a home uninhabited for any stretch of time.  Plan ahead to make sure your home’s systems are protected and that your property is secure.

A Thorough Checklist Can Help You Prepare

I went looking for a good checklist and it turns out the most comprehensive one I could find is from Truck Camper Magazine (in the newbie corner how cute is that)…  with their list of 30 Ways to Prepare for a Long Term Trip…everything from the “Dog Bowl and Chain Trick” to avoiding a stinky garbage disposal, these guys have thought through everything!

Checklist for How To Prepare For a Long Term Trip

Do You Like Taking Extended Trips?

Looking through Truck Camper Magazine reminds me of some friends of ours who plan to jump into the RV lifestyle as soon as their kids get settled in their college towns.  While that may be an extreme solution,  many of us are yearning for a “next step” that will bring new adventure and relieve us from the monotony and hard work of keeping up a family home and a yard. 

We can help you downsize your lifestyle to make travel easier.

Whether it’s the RV lifestyle, or the Lock-and-Leave lifestyle, or a move to a fun retirement community, you’ll probably need to downsize your belongings before you go. 

Let us do the hard work of planning and lining up all of the services you’ll need to make the move.  You’ll save time and money, plus have the peace of mind of knowing that everyone we send your way has been thoroughly vetted and verified.

We’ll take it from here.  Get in touch today!

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