Life Without a Linen Closet

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I remember when our young family moved into our first “real” house, and I  just couldn’t believe how many spaces for storage there were.  In particular I loved the linen closet. I had been accustomed to apartment living, where all four of our towels hung on a back-of-the-door rack, and we only had one set of sheets.  Of course, within a few years my spacious linen closet was stuffed full of towels, linens, comforters and throws.

When you’re downsizing, it’s pretty much a given that your next space will have far less storage, and may not have a dedicated linen closet.  When preparing to move, consider these pro tips  to prepare for life without a linen closet.


  • A good rule of thumb is to only store up to 3 bath towels for each person in the household.
  • Rolling towels is a good space saver, and you can store them in fabric bins under cabinets or on shelves.
  • Install a towel bar inside a closet door to hang extra towels.


  • Store linen sets inside one of their pillowcases.
  • Store sheets in the room under the bed they fit or in the closet.

Blankets and Comforters

  • Consider a storage ottoman or wicker chest if your furniture plan allows for the space.
  • Store clean and very dry comforters  in cotton bags designed for that purpose in the off season.
  • Stay away from plastic zippered bags;  buy breathable bags made for blanket storage.


  • First, how many tablecloths will you need? Probably very few! Think it over, and if you must keep them you can always hang tablecloths, etc. on hangers in a closet.

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