Letting Go of Books, CD’s and DVD’s

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Home Organizing Tips for Downsizers

How to Manage Your Media Library

Why do we hold on to so many books, discs and tapes in our homes? It’s because our photos, music and videos create emotional attachments or memories. Books, albums and CD’s create experiences that remind us of specific times of our lives.

How to Manage a Multimedia Collection
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The more we collect, the more we become attached to our collections. We think of the monetary value, and how much we’ve paid for collectibles over the years. We tell ourselves that we will come back to reminisce, enjoy and share when we have more time.

Many of us truly enjoy the look of our collections, and want to be surrounded by a reminders of our personal interests, education and culture.

But now everything’s online.  Printed books and traditional forms of media have become dinosaurs. It might be better to read your next novel on a Kindle or other device. Your books, movies and music are stored in the cloud now, leaving no reason to keep hard copies.

If you’re thinking about downsizing, dealing with your books, CD’s and DVD’s early is an easy win that pays off big.  Consider these reasons you should focus on moving the majority of these items out of your home:

  • With very few exceptions, the content of these items can be backed up, stored and stored and accessed via electronic format, many times for free or low cost.  Each year, new technology brings even greater volume and easier access.
  • You are likely enjoying less than 5% of the media collections you keep in your home.  Do you even have a VCR or CD player available to use regularly?  And how many books have gone unopened for years?
  • These items take up a lot of space in your current and future home.
  • They are heavy and expensive to move.

Pro Tips for Paring Down Your Media Collection

Once you mentally let go, it will be easier get on with the business of removing books, CD’s and the like from your home.  Here are some pro tips on paring down your media collection to a manageable size:

How to Sort and Organize Books
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1) Embrace living with some of your books, but not all.

Determine your ideal commitment of bookshelf space.  If you have many bookshelves, select the one(s) you would choose to take to your next home.  Actually measure the inches of bookshelf space you’ll have in your future. Pull out your most treasured books: favorite books of all time, signed editions, books from childhood, etc.  Only commit to keeping what will fit on your shelf space.

2)  Sell what you can.

According to book specialist Sharon Bliss,  “In general, fiction titles do not have a resale value, nor do cookbooks, self-help books, or books with wide publication.” Most resellers accept textbooks within 5 years of publication, and works on narrow subjects pertaining to history and religion.

3) Donate or recycle.

Popular titles in very good condition can usually be donated to your local library.  If your books don’t qualify for donation, paperback books and pages from hardback books (separated from the cover) may be recycled as paper.

Nat Geo Video Collection
National Geographic Video Collection

CD’s DVD’s and Video on Tape

We have some straight talk for you:  CDs, DVDs and VCR tapes are obsolete technologies. If you have rare or irreplaceable content stored on on any of these devices, get to work on moving it to a digital format ASAP.

1) Convert to Digital

Your favorite or hard-to replace CDs can be converted to digital audio files, either on your own or send out for professional service.

2)  Backup and Save

Family movies or other irreplaceable content on video tape should be sent out for professional conversion to digital files.

3) Donate or Recycle

Donation or recycling of these items is possible, but it can be difficult to find takers.  Home Transition Pros can introduce you to a trusted local services professional Professional Organizer or Move Manager who will know the best resources in your area.

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