Ten Reasons We Keep Clothing We Don’t Wear

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Are you thinking about switching over your closet to the new season?  We all know we should not store anything we didn’t wear last year, but why is it so hard to let go of some pieces?  Our friend and home organizing colleague Janet Schiesl offers 10 reasons you keep clothes you don’t wear, and encourages us to keep our wardrobes current:

Ten Reasons We Keep Clothing We Don’t Wear
Do you keep clothes that you don’t wear?

10 Reasons You Keep Clothes You Don’t Wear

1. The item is new or barely worn.

Maybe you even have items that still have the tags on them.  You feel guilty that you spent money on them, but it’s best to accept that the money is spent and you can’t get it back. Put the guilt aside, let it go and reclaim the space you need.

2. You tried a trend.

Trendy clothing doesn’t work for everyone.  Let go of trendy items that don’t flatter or reflect your personal style.  Also, trends have a short life.  If you are still holding onto trendy items from several years back, it’s probably time to move them out.

3. You are looking for a match.

Maybe you bought something you liked, but never found the right thing to wear with it.  Set a deadline to complete an outfit with that piece, and stick to it.  In general, you should only keep or purchase pieces that work with the rest of your wardrobe.

4. It was a gift.  (Or worse… a hand-me-down!)

Clothing is a personal choice.  Let your loved ones know that you’d rather shop for yourself and don’t feel guilty about donating gifted items.

5. Your weight fluctuates.

Having multiple sizes of clothing in your closet adds clutter and creates negative feelings.  Will your items look fresh if/when they fit again? It’s usually best to go ahead and donate clothing that doesn’t fit, so someone else can get use from it.  You can treat yourself to a replacement if you get in better shape down the road.

6. You need specific-use clothing.

When was the last time you actually needed a business suit, resort wear, or a selection of cocktail dresses?  Be creative with the wardrobe you love (and already have) for these occasions.

7. You used to love it.

Maybe it’s a little faded or doesn’t fit that well anymore. It’s like letting go of a lost love.  Try finding a replacement that is similar, but new.

8. You need some back-up.

Only keep what you would need to use between laundry days. No one who regularly does laundry needs 100 pairs of socks.

9. It holds sentimental value.

You can get rid of an item without losing the memories. Take a picture of the piece if you need to keep a visual.

10. It is who you want to be.

Sometimes we all make a purchase that depicts the person we want to be.  It’s great to make positive changes in your life, but remember dressing the part doesn’t change your current situation. Dress for your current life.

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Janet Schiesl is a NAPO certified professional organizer and owner of Basic Organization in Centreville VA.  For more of Janet’s tips visit her blog!

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